Developers have an opportunity to showcase a product each month on an online event called the TradingApp® Store Showcase. Attendees can interact with developers and participate in online chats.
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Showcased on 08/28/2019
Algo 17 Xtreme is a sophisticated program that allows traders to develop, maintain and build trading strategies for automated trading and optimization for building sophisticated trading models. Features include optimization functions to calculate best time of day to trade with the benefit to select up to two different time periods to trade, from start to end. The program includes a selection for position trades or end of day exits, three position sizing calculations, three unique trailing stop logic designs including the LCC method, ... more
Showcased on 07/31/2019
The product consists of two separate Indicators. 1. TA TradingMate Plan and execute trades directly from the chart! Draw from your entry to the desired stop loss or profit target. Displays all important trade information like risk, profit, reward/risk etc. The context menu enables a variety of options like changing the trade data, setting a specific reward/risk ratio or placing orders. Setups are saved with the chart and retained over platform restarts or symbol changes. Watch a live demonstration: more
Showcased on 06/26/2019
Fenix system trades CL, light crude oil futures. Fenix trades when the longer trend is established, it doesn´t enter any trade while the market is choppy. The system is traded every day by the developer. Once predefined market conditions are met, Fenix waits for better entry price to catch uptrend, buying in pullbacks. It is the intraday system, it trades long side, maximum 1 trade daily, closes open position before exchange close. Fenix trades less frequently sometimes doesn´t have any trade in a month or two. Usually,... more
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