Developers have an opportunity to showcase a product each month on an online event called the TradingApp® Store Showcase. Attendees can interact with developers and participate in online chats.
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Showcased on 12/02/2020
The Snap Back Setup Indicator is a chart based indicator that seeks to catch a short, quick bounce off recent lows in a declining stock, according the Snap Back Setup rules as taught in the Two Roads Trading channel. Disclaimer: Active trading is dangerous. All new systems and setups should be tested before deployment. Any decisions to trade or not trade based on this indicator are yours and yours alone. See for further info.  more
Showcased on 11/04/2020
Peter Eliades’ name has been associated with stock market cycles for almost 50 years. This app, Eliades Cycle Price Projections, is the culmination of his half century of research and refinement of the JM Hurst theory of market cycle price projections. Peter’s price projection refinements have proved to be an invaluable guide to him through his decades of stock market analysis. His theories have been converted to software in the past, but have lacked the precision that Peter was seeking. In 2018, Peter was introduced to European progr... more
Showcased on 10/07/2020
The ‘Cumulative Comparative Ticks Pct’ (CCTP) indicator, utilizes the tick indexes for the four major markets: NASDAQ, DOW 30, RUSSELL 2000, and the S&P 500. These tick indexes compare the number of stocks that are rising to the number of stocks that are falling on each of these indexes throughout the market session. The CCTP indicator then plots a cumulative percentage for each unique index throughout the day that you can track to see which markets are outperforming or under-performing the others, and to see whether the overa... more
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