Developers have an opportunity to showcase a product each month on an online event called the TradingApp® Store Showcase. Attendees can interact with developers and participate in online chats.
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Showcased on 10/30/2017
Pegas 1 is fully automated light crude oil system. It is trend breakout intraday system trading maximum one contract of @CL daily, each opened position is closed before the end of the day. Pegas 1 is traded every day by the developer. Trading logic is based on the detecting of intraday trends and its breakout. The system is waiting for defined market conditions, then identifying resistance levels and waiting for the breakout of those levels into the uptrends. The strategy is avoiding imminent report moves and enter the trades in the m... more
Showcased on 09/27/2017
DVAN SmartLines Package combines 3 separate DVAN apps into one package DVAN SmartLines app overlays price bars and shows buy cycles and sell cycles, support and resistance levels, and points of trend change in the underlying security. • Green shading indicates a buy cycle • Red shading indicates a sell cycle • The upper and lower boundaries of the SmartLines show support and resistance levels for position management and the middle line (pivot line) shows the price point at which trend change occurs • In a buy cycle the up... more
Showcased on 08/30/2017
The VSTOPS ProTrader strategy template is designed to help you build your own day or swing trading systems and to harness the power of automated trading. VSTOPS Pro Trader is not a black box system but a template for creating robust short-term trading strategies. You can customize this system from a basic stop-and-reverse strategy to one that employs complex multi-exit money management tactics. You can even reverse the entry logic to fit different market conditions. The logic for the strategy is based on the popular VSTOPS indicato... more
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