Developers have an opportunity to showcase a product each month on an online event called the TradingApp® Store Showcase. Attendees can interact with developers and participate in online chats.
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Showcased on 06/26/2019
Fenix system trades CL, light crude oil futures. Fenix trades when the longer trend is established, it doesn´t enter any trade while the market is choppy. The system is traded every day by the developer. Once predefined market conditions are met, Fenix waits for better entry price to catch uptrend, buying in pullbacks. It is the intraday system, it trades long side, maximum 1 trade daily, closes open position before exchange close. Fenix trades less frequently sometimes doesn´t have any trade in a month or two. Usually,... more
Showcased on 04/24/2019
Modernize your Market Profile with the acclaimed indicators from the official brand of TAS Market Profile! The acclaimed TAS Market Profile trading indicators are leveraged daily by thousands of institutional traders around the world… and you can too! You’ll trade with confidence and unsurpassed clarity with this dynamic and time-tested volume analysis toolset built for traders who aspire to truly understand what moves global financial markets. The proprietary TAS indicators are effective on ANY TIMEFRAME chart (or ticks/range/Renko... more
Showcased on 02/27/2019
Simplify My Morning is an indicator that shows many key levels that intra-day traders would normally use for futures, forex or stocks. This indicator saves a tremendous amount of time by automatically drawing lines with labels for the following levels: • Last Year High & Low • This Year High & Low • Last Month High & Low • Last Week High & Low • Yesterday’s High & Low • Overnight High & Low • Gap (Previous Close) • 50 & 200 Moving Average from daily chart • 50 & 200 Moving Average from weekly chart • A... more
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