Developers have an opportunity to showcase a product each month on an online event called the TradingApp® Store Showcase. Attendees can interact with developers and participate in online chats.
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Showcased on 02/22/2017
The Start And Stop Trading strategy offers the unique capability of controlling when entry/exit strategies trade, WITHOUT requiring code changes to the entry/exit strategies. The Start And Stop Trading strategy combines ALL the capabilities of TradingApp Store "ForAllStrategies" products listed below into a single strategy to provide a Volume Discount: - DailyProfitTarget - DailyStopLoss - TradeTimeWindow - TradeDayWindow - TradeMonthWindow - ExitTimeOfDay - ExitAtMarketClose The "ForAllStrategies" strategy ... more
Showcased on 01/25/2017
The Gap Fill and Reverse trading system trades Crude Oil on one minute charts. We use this strategy to take the counter trend trade once a Gap is filled. This strategy is from Chapter 6 of our book “Algorithmic Trading Systems”. This book and strategy were released in October 2015 as documented in the book. This evidence can be used for a valid walk forward test of the strategy. more
Showcased on 12/21/2016
Sniper Algorithm Strategy and indicators on TradeStation is applicable to fund managers, long-term investors, day traders and swing traders. Our unique market timing software generates both long-term trend change as well as short-term day and swing trading signals on equities, ETFs, futures and currencies . Sniper Algorithm Strategy can be deployed as an automatic plug-and-play trading system, or used for decision support by discretionary traders. The Sniper Algorithm Strategy in combination with our proprietary indicators recogni... more
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