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VISIT OF-G.COM INSIDER BARS is an ORDER FLOW indicator and tradingapp package for professional traders. Order flow traders, market profile & volume profile traders, and other short- to medium-term traders can all benefit from in-depth PRICE X VOLUME analysis. Insider Bars allows you to SEE INSIDE PRICE... more
VISIT OF-G.COM OF-G SUITE is bundled portfolio of products offered at a discount to individual prices: 1. G SQUARE PRO (cycles and market geometry) 2. INSIDER BARS (order flow, market profile, volume profile) 3. SPAD AD (market breadth, advance-decline line, McClellan, etc.) 4. SOLIDUS TIME SALES PRO (h... more
VISIT OF-G.COM. G SQUARE PRO is a price and time MARKET GEOMETRY analysis tool using natural market cycles to provide traders with a road map to future price action. It highlights patterns in support and resistance not visible using traditional market indicators. Cycle lengths range from one session to mu... more
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