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Guidelines for posting reviews

Our website allows you to share your comments (positive or negative) on trading products offered by TradingApp® Store developers. By submitting an online review, you are representing that all information contained in your review is original and accurate in all respects and that the submission of such content by you and the posting of such content by this website does not and will not violate the rights of any third party. Please observe the rules below to help ensure that your review can be posted and remember that TradeStation reserves the right to delete any inappropriate information or content prior to posting such reviews on our site.

Writing a review
Please focus on making constructive comments. Your review will be most helpful to others if you include the reasons why you either liked or disliked the product. Hold your readers' full attention by limiting your review. Long discourses tend to be ignored.

Do not ruin the experience for others and please do not make negative comments about your fellow posters.

What's not allowed
Reviews should not contain any of the following:
  • Profanity, obscenities, vulgarities, or spiteful comments
  • Text and/or images subject to copyright restrictions
  • Comments that defame anyone
  • Time-sensitive information such as dates, trade shows, demonstrations, etc.
  • Single-word reviews (Be descriptive, but not exhaustive)
  • Comments focusing on the TradingApp Store Developer rather than the product being reviewed
  • Performance results
  • Phone numbers, addresses, URLs, HTML tags
  • Advertisements or solicitations for products or services
  • Any comments or reviews (directly or through others) from the TradingApp Store Developer

Reporting a review
If you see any errors in information or inappropriate content submitted by others, please select the "Report this" option for the review. You will be prompted with a window where you can specify the reason for reporting the review. Once reported, the review will be submitted to an internal audit. The auditor will then determine if there has been a violation of the guidelines, and if so, will act accordingly. Simply disagreeing with another reviewer’s opinion does not warrant removal of a review from the website. If you have a question or you would like to tell us about a specific problem, please contact us via email at

All submitted reviews become the sole property of TradeStation. Your review may be posted on the review page within three to five business days. TradeStation reserves the right not to post any review - particularly those that do not follow the terms and conditions of these Rules. TradeStation reserves the right to remove any review at any time without notice.