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The PredictionValley Earnings app provides simple buy or sell signals to enable users to make trading decisions based on projected price movements around earnings. Using machine-learning algorithms, big data, and fundamental analysis, our platform strives to predict the business fundamentals and stock price direction of publicly-traded companies before earnings announcements.
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Not as accurate as advertised
January 11, 2017 Version: 3
By:Long time Tradestation user
They tout the accuracy of the predictions as the high 90's percentile. In reality, they get to this figure by saying they accurately predicted the the details of the information, not the stock direction. Isn't that what we pay for? I have lost money going with there prediction of "bullish" only to have the stock tank and then to add insult to the injury, the next day have them report how they accurately predicted the earnings and use this when they promote the service. This is very deceiving and at the very least, misleading. You pay for a service to make money on the trade recommendations. They need to start reporting on how often the stock moved in the predicted direction if they wanted to be fair promoting the service.
November 21, 2016 Version: 3
By:Thomas Pollard
The App provides an accuracy rate in the high 90's for their predictions and market response. As I follow their predictions in practice, the results are closer to 50/50.


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