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Our %BarBias indicator gives you all the crucial information that you need about the power struggle going on inside of the bar. The indicator will present the ratio between buying and selling volumes on your charts; No sub graphs will be needed. It is easy to use and it will work great on Tick, Volume and M... more
This indicators single purpose is to identify key price points. Theoretically, after such a point the market goes into a strong trend, most these points become key reversals. This indicator provides signals both on high time frames such as days or weeks and on low time frames such as minutes or hours. The DI... more
Laguerre RSI indicator is an advanced version of the standard RSI indicator. John Ehler described the Original Laguerre RSI indicator in his book (Cybernetic Analysis For Stocks and Futures). Our Laguerre RSI Package: consists of 2 indicators, the DIG Laguerre RSI and the DIG Laguerre Filter. The beauty of... more
The Keltner Channel is used to signal price breakouts, price break-ins and can be used to indicate the overall market trend. The DIG Keltner Channel – PRO comes equipped with 3 major features - a **unique** paint bar feature and custom alerts on price break-ins and breakout from the channel and independent u... more