InvestiQuant, Inc
InvestiQuant, Inc
124 Quade Dr
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: 844-447-8723
IQ is an innovative financial technology company that provides a suite of predictive analytic tools and autotrading services to self-directed investors and traders worldwide. Our mission is to help people at all skill levels systematically create wealth by combining the power of historical big data, predictive analytics and investment automation with first-class tools, training and support. InvestiQuant's strategies adapt automatically to changing market conditions, volatility and performance. We utilize sophisticated algorithms that auto-learn and auto-adapt. Our strategies are highly selective and trigger only set-ups matching our strict criteria. IQ's strategies are market-neutral. Most tend to perform well in all types of market environments, including volatile and bear markets. With the right strategies, volatility can be your friend. Duke University's Center for Quantitative Modeling has tested IQ's core methods and systems. Director Daniel Egger writes, “Aggregate potential returns from InvestiQuant’s strategies can be significant. Maximum hypothetical drawdowns over the 8-year analysis period with limited leverage were less than 15%. The potential results are impressive.” IQ's strategy inventory is limited for all the right reasons. Limiting the total number of contracts that may be traded with each strategy helps protect its integrity and performance. Inventory levels are carefully monitored by InvestiQuant and once an individual trading strategy is sold out, that strategy is removed from the store. For eight years and counting, InvestiQuant's strategies have been utilized by experienced and professional investors from around the world to trade a wide range of financial markets. Today, InvestiQuant offers fully automated, hands-off strategies to active investors and traders who are looking for diversification alternatives and proven ways to expand their capital. Engage with InvestiQuant and let us show you the way.™
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