Epic Analytics, Inc.
Van Gothreaux & Brett Rader
617 Saint John St.
Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone: (337) 344-9939
Van, Alex and their team of engineers at Epic Analytics develop stock, options, futures and forex trading solutions, for retail traders and institutions worldwide. We pride ourselves in confidentiality, affordability, and speed of production.
EasyLanguage Specialist
An EasyLanguage Specialist is an independent, third-party EasyLanguage programmer for the TradeStation platform. Services and rates vary by individual and are established at the sole discretion of each EasyLanguage Specialist. TradeStation does not certify or endorse, or recommend, any of the persons or companies listed, or their qualifications or expertise.
Services Offered:
· OOEL & Legacy Development
· Post Production Support
· TS API Development
· TS App Development
· DLL Development