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David Cohn, Principal
7410 Whispering Oak Dr
Sylvania Township, OH 43560
David Cohn is a former TradeStation EasyLanguage® engineer who provided more than 17,000 answers to EasyLanguage specialists, developers and traders on the EasyLanguage Support Forum. He has coded thousands of strategies and indicators, and has traded stocks and futures using automated TradeStation strategies. He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA, and is a U.S. patent holder with more than 25 years of IT, engineering and management experience.
"Smart" conversion of Limit to Market orders to assure fills: For any Limit order the price may touch the Limit price and then pull back before your Limit order fills. If the Limit order does not fill, especially if a Limit exit order, a winning trade can become a losing trade. And you may als... more
The Trade When True strategy offers the unique capability of controlling when other automated entry/exit strategies inserted on the same chart can trade based on a user-specified True/False condition, WITHOUT requiring code changes to the entry/exit strategies. The Trade When True strategy allows you to rapi... more
The Universal Trailing Stop or UTS strategy, exits either Long or Short positions when the trailing stop is touched or penetrated. The UTS strategy can be used in back-testing, strategy optimization, and live-trading. The UTS strategy does not make entries - it only exits positions. So if it is inserted b... more
The ProfitProtector V9.1 is NOT a trading strategy. It is used with your automated trading strategy to help protect the strategy's profits. Automated Trading is NOT Fool Proof, but the ProfitProtector provides the next best thing. The ProfitProtector V9.1 provides more protection than offered by a Cl... more