Domenico D'Errico
Domenico D'Errico
Viale Europa 5
Matera, Italy 75100
Phone: +39 3483801130
After more than 10 years in business operations of large multinational companies, Domenico started day trading in 2007. For the last 3 years Domenico has been developing trading tools for traders of different countries and styles, this experience gave him the possibility to see the markets from several point of views and increased his level of trading knowledge. He is a two-time winner in the TradeStation 9.0 Developer Challenge, for programming related to Pairs-Trading applications.
Trend Profile is an EasyLanguage chart indicator with the aim to provide the trader with cumulative volume distributions for one or more swing price movement selected from the chart A trend does not necessary matches with one bar. If you want to see how volumes are distributed inside a swing price movement... more
Spread MovAvg Execution is a chart indicator to analyze and trade simoultaneosly long/short legs of futures spread according to a custom 2 moving averages cross. If the Fast Moving Average calculated on the spred crosses above the Slow one the indicator Buy 1 lot of future1 and Sell-short 1 lot of future2. ... more