Capstone Trading Systems
Capstone Trading Systems
David Bean has been trading stocks and futures for 20 years. In 1997, he began developing automated trading systems using Tradestation. He currently focuses on developing customized automated trading system portfolios for futures and the commodity markets as well as equity and equity options. He has managed money and consulted for hedge funds and individual clients and is a published author.
This indciator plots the intra-day profit or loss for the strategy traded at the bottom or the chart. Works for any market or symbol on day-trade strategies. The Tim input has a default setting of Sess1EndTime. This only needs to be changed if a custom session is used. This indicator is only for day-... more
The Gap Fill Master E-mini S&P trading system trades the E-mini S&P, one minute charts using additional data series, data2, E-mini S&P Daily bar (day session), and data3, NYSE Advance Decline Line ($ADD), to to trade the opening gap in the stock index futures. The original version, Gap Fill I, is... more
The Portfolio Output Indicator, by Capstone Trading Systems, is a simple indicator and a valuable tool to export end of day profit and loss data for individual trading systems. The data can be used in a spreadsheet for combined equity curve or portfolio analysis. The indicator can be added to a chart with a ... more
The Tick Pulse E-mini S&P trading system trades the E-mini S&P, on a one minute chart using additional data series, data2, NYSE TICK ($TICK), and data3, CBOE $VIX, to participate in intra-day trends in the stock index futures. In the latest version of this strategy, the timeframe has been changed fro... more