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MAJOR UPDATE TO VERSION - Multi-TimeFrame Autopilot ** 40% discount bundle of 3 indicators ** The TriggerCharts Commander Series indicators are a structured and logical approach to analyzing and interpreting the markets that has its foundation in the principles of Auction Market Theor... more
The TriggerCharts Aileron Indicator provides a powerful methodology for finding contra-trend levels that are potential inflection points for entry. The indicators algorithm combines several trending and oscillating signals (proprietary and traditional) to provide each security with a “composite score”. This... more
TriggerCharts Altimeters display a real-time representation of developing balance and imbalance areas by measuring volume-at-price, a statistical method for aggregating trading data that has its roots in Auction Market Theory and Market Profile®. Altimeter “profiles” are displayed as a series of three... more
TriggerCharts AUTOPILOT is the next generation of trading indicators. Many indicators available today are based on cycles that are either trending or oscillating. By their nature, these are not dynamic and only provide a directional bias that looks to recent history to predict future trends. AUTOPILOT i... more