Suri Duddella
Suri Duddella
1020 108th Ave. NE #1408
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 703-969-8927
suri.ChartNotes is an annotation tool for TradeStation charts to add and edit ideas/notes. Chart Notes and Journal notes can be added to any symbol charts at any location in all time-frames. Chart Notes and Journal notes are saved and retrieved when a chart is opened and presented during trader analysis. ... more
suri.AutoCharts (indicator) is a small chart loader application which can be arranged on the TOP or BOTTOM of any chart. AutoCharts (indicator) lets user to load symbols into a chart automatically with a user selected delay from a custom symbol list (csl). Symbols can be also traversed Previous (Left) or N... more
suri.IVRank measures the current Implied Volatility (IV) rank within its range of High and Low over the past 52 Weeks. The rank range is 0 to 100. suri.IVRank also plots current IV, Average IV and IVRank in sub-graph for underlying asset on a Chart. suri.IVRank can be also used in RadarScreen and Scanner. more
suri.EarningsCalendar TradingApp organizes/presents Symbols/EarningsDates in a calendar format (Monthly) from suriEarningsDats.CSV (ASCII based) text file from your PC's hard disk. The suriEarningsDates.CSV file information is collected on a weekly basis from the internet and posted on a link. Users can ... more