John Person, Inc.
John Person
818 US Hwy 1, Suite 6
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Phone: 561-655-1881
Automatically calculates the projected Daily Pivot Point Support & Resistance numbers based on a Proprietary set of algorithms that incorporates the Pivot Point Moving Average as it relates to the close and Pivot Point value. more
New in TradeStation!!! Experience John Person's exclusive set of indicators. This package includes the following Analysis Techniques: Chart Indicators: 1. Person's Pivots points, all time frames (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly). 2. Person's Histogram. 3. Person's Moving averages. 4. Perso... more
Algo 17 Xtreme is a sophisticated program that allows traders to develop, maintain and build trading strategies for automated trading and optimization for building sophisticated trading models. Features include optimization functions to calculate best time of day to trade with the benefit to select up to tw... more
The Trend Signal Identifier (TSI) indicator gives a dual dimensional look at price trends by color coding the price charts that shows when prices are in a strong trend with a confluence of two time frames in momentum buy or sell mode with the added feature that includes stop levels (support & resistance)... more