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Jack Penturff
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The true trend indicator and show me study with entry points can be used on any time frames and various chart types. The cyan line indicates an uptrend and the redline indicates a downtrend while the large dots indicate a potential change in trend and the small dots indicate potential buys/sells and/or short... more
(NOTE: I use this system in my own daily trading) This is a complete trading indicator set that creates a trading method for any market (Eminis, Futures, Stocks, Options, or whatever you wish to trade). It will work on nearly ANY symbol and chart so that you can trade either intraday or longer term moves. Fi... more
Black Diamond Trader 2 features BUY/SELL "Entries and Exits" signals that can be traded Manually OR with the automated Strategy addon. Simplicity is most key feature. KEY BDT2 FEATURES: Signals appear at START of bar, NOT when it closes. AND does NOT repaint. Trade Forex - Futures - Stocks - Commod... more
The Easy Read Trend and Channel Indicator calculates the average highs and the average Lows of the bars in order to identify the channel as well as an average of the middle point of the channel to identify the current direction signified by either a cyan line for upward movement or a redline for downward... more