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This type of trading is sometimes called "skimming" for small profits regularly by going in and out of positions several times per day. Scalping system traders enter and exit the market quickly, making several small trades in the hopes of achieving profits from relatively small price changes repea... more
Fade the break or trade the break? Has your growth as a trader taken you to a place where the condition of the market is critical to your P&L? The majority that make it past thinking of direction first only arrive at this point. A trade signal, be it buy a two day dip or buy a breakout or a moving averag... more
Put on your Big Boy Pants for this one. If you are old school and do not believe that a systematic strategy has yet been created that equals, let alone exceeds, the performance of the greatest discretionary traders, then this is not for you. But if you can call short term tops one of them will turn into som... more
From the '80s where the daily range was used for breakout to fix daily zones like Day Breaker used static price levels to develop fade the break or trade the break trading plan arounds became the dynamic bands based on Bollinger's bands to create dynamic zones surrounding price for the fade the break... more