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David O'Dell
Canton, GA 30115
Phone: 347-746-1725
Professional Algorithmic Auto-Trading of TradeStation Strategies for robust scalable operations with market impact control. TicketManager aggregates and manages all your strategies. Equity-curve optimize and automate, unleash the power of RadarScreen trading, and more. Dont get bogged down with alarms trying... more
OptionsX is a toolset for automated options trading relative to underlying symbols in TradeStation Charts and RadarScreen. It is designed for traders looking to enhance the buying power and profit potential of their strategies through options. (Since OptionsX leverages advanced TradeStation functionality, it... more
Market Profile in a glance for monthly, weekly, daily and intraday bars. Graduated color trades mark times relative to bar open and close. Quickly see key prices and how bars were formed and are forming. Additional tools pinpoint prices with highest trade volume, inside bars with highest volume, and volume w... more
TicketTrader is designed for price improvement and market impact control through order slicing algorithms. TicketTrader allows you to step into target positions with multiple orders over time, limiting order quantities based on market activity, and enacting variably aggressive limit and stop prices relative ... more