Capstone Trading Systems
Capstone Trading Systems
David Bean has been trading stocks and futures for 20 years. In 1997, he began developing automated trading systems using Tradestation. He currently focuses on developing customized automated trading system portfolios for futures and the commodity markets as well as equity and equity options. He has managed money and consulted for hedge funds and individual clients and is a published author.
This indciator plots the intra-day profit or loss for the strategy traded at the bottom or the chart. Works for any market or symbol on day-trade strategies. The Tim input has a default setting of Sess1EndTime. This only needs to be changed if a custom session is used. This indicator is only for day-... more
The Exhaust and Reverse E-mini S&P trading system trades on one minute charts from midnight to 5:00 pm EST. This strategy captures the essence of the current market environment over the past year of narrow range dip buying and was originally designed with its current inputs in October 2016. The strategy ... more
The Gap Fill and Reverse trading system trades Crude Oil on one minute charts. We use this strategy to take the counter trend trade once a Gap is filled. This strategy is from Chapter 6 of our book “Algorithmic Trading Systems”. This book and strategy were released in October 2015 as documented in the book. ... more
The 15 Second Tick Pulse E-mini S&P trading system trades on 15 second charts with data1 as the E-mini S&P while, the NYSE TICK ($TICK) is data2. We use this strategy to trade the trend. This strategy is based on patterns that happen in the 15 second timeframe. As markets become faster and more trade... more