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Bryan Lehner
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RN HighLow Reckoning is an Indicator that Projects the High and Low based For Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly based on their Respective Typical Value. The Inputs can be used to Turn ON/OFF the Plots on the charts for different time period. Alerts are activated to Alert you when there is a Cros... more
This Indicator looks whether the current market is trading near the Recent Low on a Percentage basis. Using the past data range it predicts the Boundaries for its move, and when it crosses its boundary, the market is expected to reverse. The Higher the indicator value the stronger the trend is and it is expe... more
Emini Aspid is a 5 min strategy that uses Daily as a reference data to find the Range and the medium term trend. This strategy has both Long and Short Entries.It has both Trend and Countertrend Entries. The Entries are so dynamic based on the Market conditions. It has a Protective stop and a profit target wi... more
This Indicator is based on a Simple but effective Analysis tool ATR, which is slightly modified to find the Trend at its first phase. The user can Optimize the RNTrendLength and the RNATRMultiplier to get the best input based on their trading Model. This indicator works in Both the Radarscreen and charts. ... more